Tuesday, February 13, 2018

100th Day of School Celebration

Hip, Hip Hooray!
It's the 100th Day!

Last week Monday, the first graders celebrated their 100th day of learning.  We enjoyed many fun activities.

*We shared our ways to make the number 100.  
*We had a great time listening to stories which focused on the 100th day of school.
*We worked on various skip counting patterns to reach the number 100.
*We completed a hidden picture puzzle by solving math facts.
*We completed a fun 100 Day graphing activity.  This activity also helped us to review 
 shape names and color words.

We really had a great day!  😊

Thursday, February 1, 2018

1st Grade Celebration

The first graders have worked really hard to earn stickers for great behavior and good choices.  As a class we have earned 75 smiles.  Wow!  Mrs. Rau, Mrs. Griffith, and I celebrated with the kids by having a special Olympic themed Makerspace exploring time.  The children were able to use critical thinking skills, communication, collaboration, and creativity to build a luge run, a ski hill, and program a mouse to find the letters USA.  

I have included a few photos on the blog, however you can also click on the link below to see all of the great snapshots taken during our special activity.  The kids had a blast and so did we! 


Programming Mice

Building a Luge Run

Building a Ski Hill

Tuesday, November 21, 2017



As a class we earn smiley face stickers when we receive compliments from teachers, substitute teachers, and parent volunteers.  We can also earn stickers for great behavior during an assembly or special visitor activity as well as for great partnership or table team work time.  We work hard to fill a big star on the back of our classroom wall with 25 stickers.  

We have already earned a 25 sticker reward, which was a Franklin video and lollipop treat.  Today we earned a 50 sticker reward, which was building our own mini ice cream sundaes.  We are now going to keep working toward a 75 sticker reward.  

Super Job!

Keep working hard 1st graders! 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Field Trip to Lannon Stone Quarry

The first grade classes had the opportunity to visit Lannon Stone Quarry today.  Our tour guide was amazing.  We talked about the properties of rocks, various machinery that is used to dig, crush, and move the rocks, as well as discussed sand, silt, and pebbles.  The tour guide also connected the information about rocks to our real world uses.  The children were then able to choose a rock from the quarry to take home.  This afternoon, we had the opportunity to write in our Science Journal about our field trip and of course our special rocks. Be on the lookout for your child's rock to come home today.    

Thursday, November 2, 2017

More about the Ghostbusters Song

Hello Parents!

I realized after I posted the Ghostbusters song with our reading strategy words, that I had explained to the children in class about the grammatical errors in the last line, however forgot to mention it in my post to all of you.  We talked about how the sentence should really be written; "I am not afraid of any words."  We then talked about how the writers of the reading song wanted it to sound similar to that of the real Ghostbusters song. We also talked about the words "watcha" and "gonna" in the same fashion.  Thank you for your understanding and hopefully you will have a little fun singing our new reading strategy song at home.  It's quite catchy!  
Mrs. Fujinaka

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Today during our Readers' Workshop, we learned a song to help us remember our Word Detective strategy for the day, when words are tricky look CLOSELY at a word from start to end.  It is sung to the tune of Ghostbusters.  The children really enjoyed this song today.  I am attaching the words to our song below for your singing enjoyment at home.

Readers Look Closely!

When there's something strange...
as you read your book...
Watcha gonna do?
LOOK closely!

When the word is tough...
read from start to end.
Whatcha gonna do?
LOOK closely!

I ain't afraid of no word!